News: Andy Carroll Red Card Stands

West Ham have failed in their bid to overturn the red card Andy Carroll received against Swansea this past weekend.

And may I just take this moment to say…

Called it.

You can read my reasoning here, but basically, Webb had a clear, unobstructed view and he had already decided Carroll swung his arm with intent to strike before Flores took his imaginary flare to the face.

Despite the big words West Ham used to try and sway opinion their way (“diabolical”? Really?), they were never going to win this appeal. They should probably be grateful the panel didn’t slap on an extra game for a frivolous appeal.

And they may get hit with more yet if Carroll doesn’t shut up on Twitter.

Let me reiterate: Chico Flores sucks.

But Andy Carroll is still out for three matches in a relegation battle, and that stinks for West Ham.

Note: West Ham have threatened to sue FA to overturn the card (though how that would work I’m not quite sure) so stay tuned…

Update: West Ham have been successful in strong-arming the FA into an arbitration hearing before their fixture with Aston Villa. I have my own opinions about that and I do hope the referees are allowed to be represented, as well. But we’ll see how it plays out today.

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