Red Card or Not?: Andre Marriner and Danny Rose

A couple of caveats to today’s edition of ‘Red Card or Not?’

First, I’m a Tottenham supporter. Second, I’m an Andre Marriner supporter. So, these two sides of my particular coin clash badly when reviewing Marriner’s red card to Danny Rose against Manchester City at White Hart Lane.

The setup:

Rose, who was playing brilliantly to this point, slid across Edin Dzeko in the box and brought him down in the 50th minute. Marriner at first appeared content to award the penalty, but after a conversation with his linesman (again, as far as we can tell), sent Rose off. The game was within reach at that point at 0-1, and ended at 1-5.

So, was it or wasn’t it?

As a Spurs fan, I have to say that at full speed and on first viewing, my instant reaction was “Oh, no, Danny…”, and I wasn’t surprised by the red card. It was only after several viewings that it became clear that Rose’s foot was well across the ball before he ever made contact with Dzeko’s leg.

After viewing the replay, the Internet went positively apoplectic, as the Internet is wont to do. But the referees, of course, don’t have the benefit of seeing the play from all angles and in slow motion.

The other factor in all this is that Marriner is a tough, tough referee. That red card is his fifth of the year, more than any other Premier League ref. He had already been calling a pretty tight game. A call like that is in his wheelhouse and as a player, you have to be conscious of that.

Tottenham have appealed the card, so it’ll be interesting to see what the FA say.

In the interim, I’m going to side with Marriner on this one. At pace and with the information he had, I think it was a reasonable, if costly, call. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it overturned.

Tough call.


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