Mike Jones Made the Refs Money

According to this exclusive in Daily Mail, the big kahunas of football were so aghast at Mike Jones’ horrendous day at Newcastle that they’re just throwing money at refereeing now.

The highlights of the story:

  • The amount of money spent on refs is due to nearly triple, to somewhere around 1 million pounds annually
  • The goal is to both raise current standards and ensure better referees in the future
  • The Select Group’s assistants will receive more training
  • The Football League’s National List referees and assistants will receive more cash for training and workshops
  • Nearly a third of the monies will be spent on referees in the lower leagues, in the hopes of lifting quality across the board and providing future Select Group referees.
  • PGMOL will pay for National List referees to take management degrees, just as they do Select Group.

First of all, while it’s sort of funny to attribute all this to Mike Jones, the truth is that getting the Premier League clubs, the League Managers Association and the PGMOL to agree to anything is ridiculous. To get them to agree to this much money and just what to spend it on isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight.

Or because of one unfortunate referee’s one poor game.

That said, the quality of English refereeing has been a source of concern for some time. While it’s true that England was one of only four countries with two referees on FIFA’s short list (Howard Webb and Mark Clattenburg), it’s seemed like there has been just a rash of questionable decisions that affected the outcome of too many games of late. And looking past Webb and Clattenburg,  England’s next World Cup-quality referee isn’t clear.

Overall seems like a very smart initiative: It focuses on the training of the current Premier League referees, while investing heavily in future Premier League referees.

Just don’t blame Mike Jones.

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