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Daniele Orsato to Referee Coppa Italia Final

Daniele Orsato (above) will referee the Coppa Italia (TIM Cup) final between Fiorentina and Napoli, Saturday May 3. His assistants will be Elenito di Liberatore (who assisted Nicola Rizzoli in the Champions League this past week) and Andrea Padovan. Paolo Valeri and Daniele Doveri are added officials, with Davide Massa as fourth official. Even the Pope gets into the Coppa Italia action,

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Serie A Referees: April 25-28

It must suck to be an Italian referee not named Nicola Rizzoli. He basically owns that league, and whenever there’s a big match, he’s pretty much like: “All your base are belong to us!”. Little dude’s not into sharing.* No other referee is really going to have a legitimate shot at anything cool until Rizzoli retires or gets the measles. In the meantime,

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