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News: Antonio Mateu Lahoz to Referee Copa Del Rey

Antonio Mateu Lahoz has gotten the nod for the El Clasico version of the Copa Del Rey final. Barcelona and Real Madrid will face off in Valencia on Wednesday, April 16. Mateu Lahoz is Valenciano himself, which may have tipped the scales in his favor, despite his never having refereed a Clasico before. The fact that top Spanish referee Alberto

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Undiano to Referee El Clasico

NOTE: This refers to an appointment in the past. See the sidebar for updated appointments. Alberto Undiano Mallenco has been chosen to referee El Clasico, Real Madrid v. Barcelona, at the Bernabeu on March 23. Despite Carlos Velasco Carballo getting the call up for the World Cup, Undiano Mallenco is definitely the new hotness in Spanish refereeing. In fact, he’s so hot that when

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