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Clattspocalpyse Averted

It appears that the latest Mark Clattenburg controversy is grinding to an ignominious halt. When last we’d left our intrepid hero, Clattenburg waved off two penalty appeals in¬†Southampton’s loss to Everton at Goodison Park, and Saints lost their shit. The general feeling is that Clattenburg got both calls right. What happened next was when things got really surreal: Clattenburg apparently

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Week 21 Referees: Premier League

It’s Monday and Monday is Funday!¬†Or the day the Premier League referee appointments are announced. Same thing. There are no big games this week, so nothing really surprising or unusual. Howard Webb will be at Southampton; let’s hope he doesn’t hurt Princess Adam Lallana’s little feelings by commenting on the weather or anything. In other news, it’s always nice to

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Mark Clattenburg Cleared of Being a Jerk

Well, no, not really. He’s still kind of a jerk. But the Premier League has decided he won’t be punished for saying this horrible, horrible thing to Southampton captain Adam Lallana during their recent 2-1 defeat at Everton: “You’re very different now you’ve played for England. You never used to be like this.” Um. What? Really, Southampton? Really?! You lodge

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