English Premier League Referees: Match Week 2 (August 23-25)

The big match this week is undoubtedly on Monday, between last year’s first and third place teams, Manchester City and Liverpool. Michael Oliver gets the nod in that match.

Oliver (above) is clearly working his way up the ranks. Mark Clattenburg is still England’s undisputed number one, and he’s at Crystal Palace v. West Ham. Martin Atkinson, another top ref, will take Sunderland v. Manchester United on Sunday.

One interesting note, neither Andre Marriner nor Lee Probert has had a match yet. I haven’t heard anything official about either of these gentlemen retiring; if someone knows their situation, drop me a line.*

Now, let’s play: Where’s the cutie? 

It’s a lot harder to play this game – where we spot where the hotties will be refereeing – in England than in, say, Italy (where they’re pretty much all cuties), but we have a few. Clatts, of course, is always on the list, naturally. ( I do love me some Clatts.)

Here are a few others:

  • Craig Pawson: Will referee the barnstormer between Swansea and Burnley on Saturday, then fourth official for Michael Oliver in Manchester
  • John Brooks: A personal favorite of mine, Mr. Brooks will be assistant referee for Mike Dean at Aston Villa v. Newcastle.
  • Harry Lennard: The ever popular assistant referee will be with Atkinson on Sunday.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.04.29 PM

*I’ve been told that both Marriner and Probert are injured, which is why we haven’t seen them…
Featured photo: Getty (2013)


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