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World Cup Referee Appointments: Sunday, June 29

The second day of knockout stage action is a good one if you are a female fan of the referees. Two lookers up: Pedro Proenca of Portugal and Ben Williams of Australia. I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised to see Williams. I thought he did really well in his last outing, with great fitness and foul detection and a good red

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World Cup Appointments, Saturday June 28

FIFA aren’t screwing around with the first knockout stage games. They’re pulling out the big guns: Howard Webb of England and Bjorn Kuipers of Netherlands (both shown above). Brazil v. Chile will need a strong hand, and they have it in Webb, who was stellar in his last appearance. Kuipers has impressed in this tournament, as well. Also, we get some pretty, pretty boys

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Luis Suarez Ban: Is it Fair?

By now, everyone’s heard FIFA’s pronouncement on Luis Suarez and his inability to control himself. FIFA said he violated “Article 48”, which I assume prohibits players from being giant dickheads. Nine matches (including the rest of the World Cup) Four months of no football activity whatsoever: No training or playing for club or country, no supporting from the stands, no

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World Cup Referees: Thursday, June 26

These appointments came quite late compared to the other appointments, which usually came early in the morning two days before the match was played. The one other exception: Brazil’s second match against Mexico. Officials had been accused of favoritism in Brazil’s first game, including a soft penalty, and had disallowed two onside goals for Mexico. Cuneyt Cakir was announced for

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