Play the Advantage and the World Cup: Live on Twitter!

It turns out I have a reprieve from The Day Job for the entire World Cup. (I know, right? Best. Boss. Ever.) So, while I won’t be in Brazil, I’ll be on Twitter every day for every game, and I want you to be right there with me!

Yes, I’ll be bringing my particular blend of refereeing commentary and sass (mostly sass) to every game live at @PTABlog.

Well, except for Switzerland games. I’m sorry, but I’m of no use to anyone when Switzerland are playing. When I do speak, it’s usually a mixture of nonsense and curse words. (Which I guess isn’t much different from my usual blog, really.)

Actually, maybe I will tweet when La Nati are playing. That way, you all can join in on my and my friends’ favorite drinking game:

Every time I say “Oh, my God, Switzerland!!!”, you take a shot.

Don’t miss the fun! Follow me at @PTABlog on Twitter.

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