A Look at Bjorn Kuipers

When Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid clash in the Champions League final on Saturday, one of refereeing’s rising stars will be in the middle: Bjorn Kuipers of the Netherlands.

And who better to help us get to know a distinguished Dutch referee than…a Dutch referee? Or rather, The Dutch Referee.

If you haven’t checked out Jan’s blog, I’d highly recommend it. He covers a lot of refereeing news, not just in the Netherlands. He also brings an interesting perspective, since refereeing is his passion and his hobby.

He’s done a fascinating, in-depth piece on Kuipers, who is very popular in the Netherlands. Rather than reproduce it here, I’d love for you to go check out Jan’s blog.

And tell him Jenna said hi.

Bjorn Kuipers: From whining player to top class referee

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