Champions League Referee, April 29: Pedro Proenca

Pedro Proenca of Portugal will referee the Champions League final game between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid on Tuesday, April 29.

Proenca is the most boring international referee around.

And that’s good.

You don’t get very far with a “pedro proenca controversy” google search because there’s just not much. He is a very consistent, deliberate referee who is very calm with the men on the pitch. He’s firm but not overly card happy. He’s been solid all European season, and was one of the top picks for the World Cup in Brazil.

Plus, he rivals the Italians for Best Hair. He is rocking some seriously sexy sideburns…

So, what does this mean for the rest of the tournament?

Proenca has had the final before so he wasn’t a candidate, and Dr. Felix Brych of Germany wasn’t going to get this one because Bayern is playing. I would say Bjorn Kuipers of Netherlands and Brych are still in the running for the final, but it’s more likely that Brych will take Chelsea v. Atletico.

We’ll see tomorrow.*

Read about how UEFA chooses Champions League referees.

*Monday, May 28. 

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