Champions League Referees: March 18

The referees for this week’s Champions League matches have been announced.

Chelsea will get Felix Brych (above) for their tie against Galatasaray. They can’t complain about that; Brych is about as strong a referee as they come and has recently unseated Wolfgang Stark as Germany’s top official. He’s on the list for Brazil, as well.

Well, let me clarify: They shouldn’t complain about that. But they probably will.

Sergei Karasev of Russia will handle Real Madrid v. Schalke, which is all but over. Hopefully, it’ll be a quiet night for him.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 12.42.01 PM



  • Seems non-Elite referees are getting the chance in UCL now.


    • I actually find it very cool what they’re doing. They obviously did have some Elites (Rizzoli, Eriksson, Webb), but they’re giving some of the other guys a chance to prove themselves at that level rather than sticking with the big names. It’s good to see…


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