News: Andy Carroll Doesn’t Get His Way

The super-secret Tribunal (which is what I guess they decided to call themselves), convened to hear West Ham’s argument that Andy Carroll should not be suspended, has agreed with the FA.

Carroll’s suspension begins immediately.

News is dripping out about this arbitration Tribunal, but apparently both West Ham and the referees (whether represented by FA, PGMOL or Prospect, I haven’t been able to discover FA represented the referee) were able to choose one member.

Again, no word on whether or not they heard testimony and from whom. Referee Howard Webb should have been in London, because he referees Chelsea tomorrow, so presumably he could have attended were he called.

West Ham, it appears, will finally let the matter rest:

“The Club has no intention of taking the issue to the courts, but simply seeks a fair determination of its rights under the FA’s Rules.”

In most arbitration cases like this, parties normally have to agree to abide by the arbiter’s decision in order for the arbitration to go forward, so we have to assume this whole sorry affair is over.

But then, they agreed that they’d abide by the Wrongful Dismissal Claims process, too, and we see how well that went.

Update: FA’s Statement
“An independent arbitration tribunal convened under FA Rule K has dismissed a legal challenge brought by West Ham United and Andy Carroll in relation to the red card received by Carroll in the match between West Ham United FC and Swansea on 1 February 2014.

“The independent tribunal resolved that there was no serious issue to be tried and also awarded The FA its costs.

Update The Second: The Guardian has the most comprehensive story I’ve seen on the issue so far. 

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