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    Is Clatts Imploding Again?

    Infamously self-destructive Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg seems to be at it again. Clatts has been suspended from Premier League action this weekend after committing two refereeing faux pas. First,

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Red Card or Not: Cesar Azpilicueta and Craig Pawson


Yeah, so…if you were thinking to yourself: “Exactly how would I go about getting a red card in a Premier League game…?” This would be it. Two-footed, studs up, coming in high…it doesn’t get more clear cut as that, and referee Craig Pawson doesn’t exactly hand out red cards like candy (this was his first). Even Jose Mourinho can’t complain about

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Sunday Referee Roundup


If you follow me on Facebook (and if you don’t, you should!),  you’ll notice I post a lot of one-off stories about referees that may not warrant their own post. There’ve been quite a few interesting stories this week, so I thought I’d gather them all together into a Sunday Roundup. Craig Bellamy: I do feel for referees Bellamy famously

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This Week’s Champions League Referees: September 30


Some big games this week, and some equally big refereeing names to officiate. Because there is so much going on, I’m trying a slightly different format for this post. CSKA Moskva – FC Bayern München Referee: William Collum (SCO) Assistant Referee 1: William Conquer (SCO) Assistant Referee 2: Graham Chambers (SCO) Collum’s actually been called on by UEFA quite a

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Penalty or Not: Mark Clattenburg and Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere Handball


There’s a lot of buzz about this supposed Jack Wilshere handball in Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with Manchester City  Saturday. Manuel Pellegrini thinks it should have been a penalty; referee Mark Clattenburg did not. Let’s be clear: This issue is not why Manchester City did not win this match, despite what Pellegrini wants you to believe. The two Arsenal goals happened

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