MLS Referees: April 19 & 23


Here are the referees for this upcoming week in MLS. Top referee Hilario Grajeda (above) is in Columbus, while Chicago Fire v. New England Revolution wins the Best Referee Name of the Week award, with both Sorin Stoica and Kermit Quisenberry on board. Notice who’s missing? Mark Geiger, the United States representative at the World Cup. It’s been a few weeks since he’s

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Nicola Rizzoli Cards Guy Who’s Not Playing


Let me just say, Nicola Rizzoli is the Honey Badger of Serie A refereeing. And if you’re not American and don’t know what that means, watch the video at the bottom of this post. (And you’re welcome for introducing you to the very best of American culture.) You’re not even playing? Rizzoli don’t care. Rizzoli doesn’t give a shit. Rizzoli takes

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Saturday Fun: Who’s Harry Lennard?


So, I’m getting all these weird search terms in my stats: Harry Lennard Assistant Referee Premier League Assistant Referees Harry Lennard And I have no idea who this clown is. So, in the name of research, of course, I do a Google image search and I’m all: OH…   HeLLO, Harry Lennard! Thanks for the heads up, ladies (I presume). (And if

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MLS Referees: April 12-13 & 16


Here are the referees for this weekend’s MLS matches. There’s also a Wednesday match this week, April 16. Saturday Toronto FC vs. Colorado Rapids REFEREE: DAVE GANTAR AR1: Philippe Briere AR2: Richard Gamache 4TH: Justin Tasev Montreal Impact vs. Chicago Fire REFEREE: JOSE CARLOS RIVERO AR1: Daniel Belleau AR2: Scott Kachmarik 4TH: Drew Fischer Philadelphia Union vs. Real Salt Lake

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