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Red Card Appeals Process: MLS

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking a closer look at refereeing in the MLS. In that spirit, I’d like to welcome guest blogger Alex of Soccer Translated. Alex reviews the MLS system in place for clubs to appeal a red card, which is quite different from the Premier League’s Wrongful Dismissal Claims process. By Alex, Soccer Translated MLS is just weeks away from entering

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What a Red Card Appeal Really Means: Part Two

Read Part One To understand why West Ham’s recent challenge failed, and Tottenham’s didn’t, we first need to understand two fundamental facts about the Wrongful Dismissal process: the Independent Regulatory Commission’s role and “obvious error.” Role of the Regulatory Commission In the FA’s official communication about Wrongful Dismissals, the Regulatory Commission’s role is defined as such: So, when clubs or

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What a Red Card Appeal Really Means: Part One

In the space of about a week and a half, we’ve had two big red card appeals in the Premier League. In both cases, the clubs exercised their right to challenge a sending off before an ‘Independent Regulatory Commission’, in hopes of getting the automatic suspension of 1-3 games rescinded. Tottenham appealed Danny Rose’s one-game suspension for taking down Manchester

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