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Refereeing Changes for Brazil 2014: Good or Bad?

Since former super ref Massimo Busacca of Switzerland became head of everything referee-related at FIFA, there have been a lot of changes. The World Cup has been no exception. Some of these things (extra training and support, the requirement that referees be professional, etc.) have been super positive. He’s helped develop some fantastic referees. But some of the specific changes

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World Cup 2014: How Referees Prepare, an Interview with Massimo Busacca

Here’s a very interesting interview with the head of FIFA’s refereeing, former Swiss referee Massimo Busacca. It breaks down his thought process on not only how to prepare referees, but how he thinks of refereeing as a whole. Busacca was one of the great Swiss referees, and has made some pretty substantial changes at FIFA since he arrived. Among them are

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