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Update: MLS Replacement Referee List from PSRA

Last week I mentioned that the MLS referee union, Professional Soccer Referees Association (PSRA), had recently published a ‘burn book‘ of all the replacement referees, with photographs and vaguely disparaging ‘bios.’ I’m happy to note they’ve removed this from their site. Now, PSRA is currently in Federal mediation with PRO, the MLS refereeing body. It’s more than likely that they were

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MLS Referees: March 15 and 16

We’re in our second week of the MLS referee lockout, and if there’s been any movement, it’s been very quiet. So, we’re looking at the second week of replacement referees. There were a few complaints last week but no major gaffes. We’ll see how it goes this week. As for the matches, Seattle and Toronto should be interesting, considering all

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PSRA Calls out MLS Replacement Refs

I’m not sure how I feel about this. To this point, I’ve been thoroughly on the side of the MLS refs, who unionized last year and formed Professional Soccer Referees Association (PSRA). They’ve been at loggerheads with MLS’s refereeing arm, Professional Referees Organization (PRO), for months finally culminating in PRO locking the referees out two days before the season opener

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MLS Replacement Referee Appointments: March 8 and 9

MLS has sought to soothe our fears around their refereeing shenanigans by announcing the replacement referees for this weekend’s opening matches. They need replacements of course, because the current MLS referees – including World Cup referee Mark Geiger – were locked out today by the Professional Referees Organization (PRO), an arm of MLS. But never fear, because these scabs replacements totally know

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NEWS: MLS Referees Locked Out

The Professional Referee Organization has locked out the regular MLS referees as of March 7. The March 8 and 9 opening games will go ahead with replacement referees. On February 22, Professional Soccer Referee Association (PSRA), the union that represents referees in US and Canada, voted to authorize a strike. Their big beef has been with the organization MLS created

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Red Card Appeals Process: MLS

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking a closer look at refereeing in the MLS. In that spirit, I’d like to welcome guest blogger Alex of Soccer Translated. Alex reviews the MLS system in place for clubs to appeal a red card, which is quite different from the Premier League’s Wrongful Dismissal Claims process. By Alex, Soccer Translated MLS is just weeks away from entering

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