Goal or Not: Webb and Brazil v. Chile

One of the big talking points of Brazil’s penalty shootout win over Chile was whether it should have gone to penalties at all.

At about 54 minutes, Hulk appeared to score a goal and Brazil celebrated wildly, only to have Howard Webb call it back for handball. Webb also produced a yellow card for deliberate handball.

Hulk’s arm is up and it does appear that he helped control the ball with it. However, he claimed the ball hit his chest/armpit area.


One thing to notice in this GIF: Howard Webb (green shirt) is far behind the play and doesn’t appear to be in a position to tell whether Hulk used his arm. Either his AR made this call, or he saw the arm out and made the call from there. Or a combination of both.

There’s a good piece at the big The Big Lead, who believe that Webb made the right call.

So what do you think:

Goal or not?


  • Handball for me. Hulk IMO trapped the ball with his arm. Very good spot from Mullarkey. YC correctly issued for unsporting behaviour as well.
    Overall, Webb was exceptional in what was an incredibly challenging game. ARs brilliant as well.

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  • I agree. Webb was excellent today in my opinion.

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  • Webb had a great match. including this call.

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  • Not sure who called it (Web was way away), but it was right. The ball hit the lower arm, and if it hadn’t hit, it would have sprung to the site. No way that it would have ended up in the goal in this case.

    I was more puzzled about the Brazilian player who celebrated a goal as if it was his own…to me it looked like the Chilene beside him had accidentally hit the ball in.

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  • Good call IMO. As for positioning, Hulk is receiving a long ball from the top of the penalty area and Webb seems about 20 yds behind that and in chase, about right for how the ball was played. The AR would be staying in line with the deepest red jersey, which would put him in a decent spot to see the raising of the arm. The “hand” starts at the seam of the arm of the jersey, and Hulk definitely “makes himself bigger” to pick up that pass, which is what they would be looking for. Deliberate – definitely… hands – most likely… unsporting (for the yellow) – it seems so, especially to get an immediate goal out of it. (BTW: “Hand-balls” must be deemed “deliberate handling” to be called at all. The yellow would be for “unsporting conduct,” or something deemed to be cheating to some degree.)

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    • Upon further review, that would *have* to have been the AR’s call. Webb maybe could have seen Hulk’s hand waving and the strange direction of the ball’s bounce afterwards. Eye-contact and a verbal go-ahead from the AR would have been sufficient to call it back.


  • The Game was Amazing, They play very well


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